First look or not?


We have successfully documented weddings with, or without a first look. However, if you choose to do the first look, we will have some additional photos with the both of you, and these can be some emotional photos to have. It is your big day and you will choose how you will remember the day!

Will you document the ceremony and reception area?

The venue and all the decors, flowers, place settings, are perhaps the biggest items on your wedding budget. I want to make sure these are documented and captured. My team will need approximately 15-20 minutes each for both ceremony and reception in order to shoot all the details. It'll be a good idea to have the areas sectioned off from guests so we can get a clean shot of the area, for both ceremony and reception. I’ve heard from couples that these photos are memories to keep.

What happens if we need additional hours of coverage on the day of the wedding?


If you need to have additional hour of coverage on your wedding day, you can let your wedding coordinator know and they will communicate that to us. Please give us as much notice as possible!

We have special surprises planned, will you be able to capture that?


We love special surprises at weddings! Please send me everything you are planning that is not the typical formality, and we will do our absolute best to capture them.

Can you help us with our day-of timeline?


Yes of course! I love helping couples with their timeline. Some couples value their time with the guests during cocktail hour. But if portraits are your priority, I want to make sure we have ample time for them. We will figure out what your priorities are.

Do you travel?


Yes! I've been lucky enough and travel to different cities in the US, Europe and Asia for photography sessions. A new place always gives me new inspiration for my work. Simply send me a message and we can chat more about your travel plan and rates.


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