helpful Tips for your engagement session



This is a session about YOU, and your love story. Be relaxed and just be yourselves. Have fun! Don't think of it as a photo session. Think of it as just any other normal day of the two of you hanging out, doing what you love to do the most. Also, let your outfit reflect you as a couple. Do you like wearing red lipstick? Do it! Remember to focus on your best assets. Dress for your body type. Guys: make sure your suit or pants fits well, let’s try to avoid baggy clothes.



Bring out the heels and the bow tie! An elegant pair of heels can make your pictures much more glamorous! I love when my brides get fancy and wear dresses! Bring out the cocktail dresses. Long flowy dresses always photograph well. They create movement and will add a little drama to your images. Do not forget the accessories: your engagement ring, meaningful necklaces. Just make sure that your overall vision is cohesive (we’ll talk about more of this on #4: complement each other’s outfits).



This is twofold. First, make sure to dress appropriately for the weather and second, for your location/environment. If the environment is more urban, then perhaps wear something dressier. If the location is in the middle of a field, bring flats just so you can walk easily. If there is a chance of rain, bring your stylish rain boots. Embrace both the environment and the weather.



Some color examples:

In group A, these colors create a harmony in pictures, and complement each other, you can each choose one color to wear for your outfit:

This does NOT mean matching. This is one area I found most of couples have trouble with. But don’t worry, I made some bullet points below to show you the do’s and don’ts, along with some examples of complementary colors.

- avoid bold, neon, and saturated colors (e.g. bright red, blue, orange, etc)

- avoid matching exactly

- avoid logos or company graphics, distracting patterns and stripes

- avoid light washed and ripped jeans

- avoid wearing sporty sneakers

- GOOD: neutral, soft, and subtle tones can be photographed beautifully and create a harmony in pictures

- GOOD: OK to wear deep dark jeans, avoid light washed, ripped jeans

- GOOD: Ok to wear floral prints (soft/subtle colors), the other can wear simple/neutral colors to compliment busy floral prints

- GOOD: bring a pair of flats for easy walking

In group B, these colors create a harmony in pictures, and complement each other, you can each choose one color to wear for your outfit:



This is the perfect opportunity to have your trial with your own makeup artist for the wedding day. Professionally done makeup makes a huge difference in pictures. Some couples will use the images and display at the wedding, so we treat it as important as the wedding day itself! Also, don’t forget to get your nails done! Reds, pinks, and neutrals are perfect colors to complement the ring on your finger (we’ll for sure to get some shots of your ring too :)




What do you like to do together? Do you like to pop a little bubbly? Love macarons? DO IT and bring them to the shoot! But remember to be context appropriate.


Some couples use the engagement session as a perfect photoshoot opportunity to get creative. Maybe get your planner/florist involved too. A perfect example is a classy picnic in the woods with some strawberries and champagne. Maybe rent vintage scooters and have an Italian flare inspired engagement session. Or maybe rent a sailboat, put on a long dress, and have a relaxing time with your fiancé while your hair flies with the wind. A simple elegant bouquet that looks like it’s been fresh picked goes a LONG way.



If you have seen my Instagram, you know how much I love my dog Ollie. It’s always a good idea to have your dog be part of your shoot. The only advice I have on this is to have either part of the session close to home or have someone pick your pup up. It’s just a little too long for them and we don’t want them to start acting up after a while.